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Lisa Moran

The Palatine Township Clerk’s office provides the following services/programs:

Blue Star Banner Program

Centenarian Program



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If you have a Freedom of Information Act request please download this form, fill it out, and send it to the address on the form.  You can also fill the form out and email a copy to

Freedom of Information Act Form

Please note:  FOIA process response time is 5 working days or sooner, unless an Extension was agreed upon which would then result in an additional 5 working days to respond with a FOIA Request Reply.

FOIA Fee Structure:

Copying and Certification Fees

No copies or certified copies of the Specified Records will be provided to you until the following applicable fees have been paid.  Fees must be paid in cash, by cashier’s or certified check or by money order. However, no charge will be assessed for the first 50 letter or legal size black and white copies for a Requestor.

Copies – letter or legal – $ .15 per side

Copies – color or oversize – actual cost of reproduction

Certification – $1.00 per document plus copy cost

Outside vendor cost – see attached invoice.

For more information please email any of the FOIA officers or call (847) 358-6700.


Clerk Moran is the Election Authority in Palatine Township. She oversees the filing process for Township candidates during the Township Election process every four years.

Here are some helpful links below from the Cook County Clerk’s Office regarding Election Information.

Voter Registration:

Upcoming Elections:

Your Voter Information:

Ways to Vote:

Work on Election Day

If you have any further questions, feel free to call her office for assistance at:  847-358-6700.


In 2016, Clerk Moran and Outreach Coordinator Lindberg created a collaborative program between the Township and the Palatine American Legion Post 690. The Township’s program is part of Post 690’s incredible Adopt-A-Sailor Thanksgiving Dinner Program.

Each Thanksgiving in working with Post 690, Palatine Township puts together and staffs a photo booth area at the Legion Hall.  These photos are then put into beautiful homemade cards (made by a team of crafty Palatine residents, including a Blue Star Mother) and filled with a personal message written by the Recruit and then mailed to their loved one as a keepsake.  .   The recruits love writing to their family, and the family members receiving these special cards are touched and have a lasting keepsake.

Post 690 provides the recruits with a “Day of Thanks.”  The Post Family provides dinner, a day of activities and the ability to call home.  While at the Navy Base, they are not allowed phone calls and this portion of the day is extremely important to each and every one of them.  The Post seeks to provide the recruits a memory that will stay with them their entire life as well as ease the anxiety of being away from loved ones during the Holiday Season.

For many recruits, it is the first holiday away from family- the first where holiday traditions no longer exist.  The military teaches its recruits to grow up quickly and to perform, but it is easy for the individual to be burdened with a sense of loneliness.  This event is meant to give them “Thanks” for their dedication to Country and to honor them.


The Palatine American Legion Post 690 asks for your support of their “Adopt-A-Sailor” Thanksgiving Day program.

For further information please contact Palatine Post 690


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