Thanksgiving Donor

Thanksgiving Basket Donor Sign Up

This program assists under-resourced families from our community. We help by providing them with all of the ingredients needed to prepare a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Donation sign up deadline: November 3, 2023

The suggested basket contents are listed below but feel free to add a card, note, or other food items that you feel would benefit the family

Suggested Basket Contents:

Canned Vegetable (up to 4 cans) Fruit (2 cans)
Chicken Broth (2 cans) Instant Mashed Potatoes (1 large box)
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate Jell-O (2 boxes)
Cranberry Sauce (1 can) Piecrust Mix and Pie Filling (1 can)
Cream of Mushroom Soup (2 cans) Stuffing Mix (1 bag)
Dessert Mix (2 boxes cake or brownie mix) Sweet Potatoes (2 large cans)
Evaporated Milk (1 can) Turkey Gravy (2 cans)
Other optional food items: Cereal

Basket Drop-off dates: November 6 through 15, 2023

  • Note that all items in the basket should be non-perishable.
  • No frozen turkeys accepted.
  • A large laundry basket works great to package your donation!
  • A $25 grocery store gift card would be appreciated. A gift card enables families to purchase a turkey and other perishable items for their meal. Please hand the gift card to Township staff when you drop-off your basket. (Do not include the gift card in the basket.)
  • Thank you for your generosity.
  • If you have questions, please contact the Township at 847-358-6700.

Interested, But Your Shopping Time Is Limited? Please consider participating in our Gift Card Program (no larger than $25 denominations please) or make a tax deductible donation to the Needy Family Fund.


  • If you would like to participate in this program by donating a basket, please complete the form below.  Baskets must be returned to the Township no later than November 15, 2023.