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Sharon Johnson”Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’” 

                                                                                ~ Margaret Mead

Supervisor’s Letter

October is a month of change. The trees’ leaves become colorful, the air becomes colder, and the time change gives us an extra hour to sleep. I expect we all have experienced positive and negative change, even if it was presented with all the best intentions. Margaret Mead believed that anyone who wanted to change something could, and YHOP, Youth Hunger Opposition in Palatine, is an inspiring example.

In 2007, Kelly Kinsella, a senior at Fremd High School wanted to change shortage of food through the Township Food Pantry. The Township regularly closed its food pantry each summer due to low donations of food and cash. Kelly recruited her dad, the Fremd High School Principal, and other students to fund raise by hosting a large and successful bake sale. They raised a total of $10,000!

Kelly was off running. In a very short time, Kelly raised over $100,000 through bake sales, individual and corporate donations, and many other events, so Palatine Township Food Pantry would never be closed again. YHOP helped to build a “choice” pantry allowing recipients to pick their food instead of receiving a bag of food they would never eat, purchase a truck to transport the food, and raised enough money to keep the pantry on financially secure future forever.

Every year students from both Fremd and Palatine High Schools join YHOP and continue to conduct various fundraisers throughout the school year. Without their contributions and dedication, our food pantry would have struggled.

So as the story goes, Kelly is the perfect example of what Margaret Mead meant. She was one person, who became two and so on. Her commitment continues to feed over 370 families a month and will continue to do so, with the new students in YHOP continuing the cause. You can find more information on If you have a high school student in the family who is interested in getting involved, contact through email at Do not ever believe that you, as one person, cannot make a difference. Believe in yourself, and you will be rewarded.



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In 1835, the first settlers arrived in what is now Palatine Township.They settled in wooded areas such as Deer Grove, Englishman's Grove, Highland Grove (Inverness), and Plum Grove. Palatine township was originally designated “Township 42” by State Constitution. In 1850, the townspeople gathered at a local schoolhouse to choose a new name for the township.It is very likely that the name Palatine originated from the “Palatinate” area along the Rhine River in Germany, The European home of many of our early settlers.

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The Township of Palatine is located in northwest Cook County within the Chicago area. While Palatine Township is the same geographic size as most townships in Illinois, 36 square miles, it is among the most heavily populated with 113,000 residents. We are proud to share our geographic area with all or part of Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Inverness, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, South Barrington, and Schaumburg. Our borders are: East - Wilke Road; West - Huntington Road; North - Lake Cook Road; South - Central Road. The people of Palatine Township enjoy the opportunity to choose from suburban bedroom communities and areas, rural sections and urbanized "downtown" areas.

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