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Sharon Johnson”Don’t learn safety by accident’” 

                                                                                ~ Jerry Smith

Supervisor’s Letter

This past April I crashed while riding my motorcycle on my way home from work. The experience gave me insight and appreciation of many things I want to share. The kindness of strangers and their willingness to stop to give aid. The professionalism and compassion of Police and Fire, and Hospital personnel. The care the towing company took with my motorcycle. Most of all I was completely overwhelmed by the love, support, and help I received from my family, friends, and neighbors. All the time and assistance everyone took to help me, especially those first 10 days, was more than I could have asked for, and really could not have done without. My point? As I considered all of the kindness, I realized I should not be surprised by all who offered to help.

This is the community we live in, where neighbors help each other. Whether it is donation to the food pantry, school supplies for the children, or a monetary donation to help keep a roof over a family’s head, our community is always there for each other. If you have not received a personal thank you from someone you have helped, let me do it for them today. Thank you all for everything you have done for anyone who needed it. Your kindness does not go without notice, or without gratitude. Thank you for your unselfishness and your willingness to be a neighbor helping neighbors. We live in an amazing community, and we should be proud we do.

With my never ending thankfulness, for my care, I was also thankful and fortunate not to be injured more than I was. I was wearing the most important safety gear, a helmet. It would be a very different story for me and my family today, had I not had one on. Additionally, I had crash bars on my motorcycle which kept the bike from crushing my legs. If you ride on a motorbike, bicycle, skates or anything else, wear a helmet. It may save your life, or at last keep your life and brain, working as it should. “Helmet head” will go a long way to a long life.



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In 1835, the first settlers arrived in what is now Palatine Township.They settled in wooded areas such as Deer Grove, Englishman's Grove, Highland Grove (Inverness), and Plum Grove. Palatine township was originally designated “Township 42” by State Constitution. In 1850, the townspeople gathered at a local schoolhouse to choose a new name for the township.It is very likely that the name Palatine originated from the “Palatinate” area along the Rhine River in Germany, The European home of many of our early settlers.

About Palatine Township

The Township of Palatine is located in northwest Cook County within the Chicago area. While Palatine Township is the same geographic size as most townships in Illinois, 36 square miles, it is among the most heavily populated with 113,000 residents. We are proud to share our geographic area with all or part of Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Inverness, Arlington Heights, Hoffman Estates, Barrington, South Barrington, and Schaumburg. Our borders are: East - Wilke Road; West - Huntington Road; North - Lake Cook Road; South - Central Road. The people of Palatine Township enjoy the opportunity to choose from suburban bedroom communities and areas, rural sections and urbanized "downtown" areas.

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