”Better a thousand times careful than once dead.’”

                                                                                        ~ Proverbs

”It will never happen to me.

                                                                                         ~ Captain EJ Smith (Captain of the Titanic – quoted in the press just before sailing)

Supervisor’s Letter

My hope for all in the Township is for 2020 to be a year of happiness, health, and mostly to be safe. Our world has changed even in just the past eleven years at the Township for me. We should focus on the positive, but neither disregard nor shun those things in life which are difficult.

As a former law enforcement officer, I always believe safety is important. Whether it be your family feeling safe in your home, your children in the local school, loved ones’ dependent on care or our own nation in the shadow of terrorism. People thrive in an atmosphere in which they are comfortable vs. that of uncertainty. It is important we acknowledge those fears instead of putting aside the concerns of others.

I started this article with two quotes. Recently, when requesting Board approval for increased security measures for our General Assistance Department, I was met with criticism by a couple of Trustee’s on the cost of the project. While it may seem costly to some, I will not put a price on the Township employee’s lives, nor any who come to the building for assistance. Due to the increased workplace and government building violence, it has become increasingly necessary to build and maintain a secure workplace. I will never apologize for keeping the employees safe,
nor using the funds to do so.

Multiple new State taxes and fees were added this year by Governor Pritzker. To help combat this, Town Fund and General Assistance levy will remain the same except to capture taxes from the long awaited Palatine Home Depot area TIF District expiration.

Lastly, it is important we all participate in this years’ census. Illinois has lost a record number of residents which will equal to less federal funding. It is vital everyone gets counted! Please call the Township with any questions or assistance, and have a Happy New Year!

Thank you for your donation and making a difference in our community.

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