BILL POHLMAN – Palatine Township Trustee

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Personal Message:

I am one of your recently elected Trustees.  I’m new to politics, but not to community service.  I am a member of the Palatine Jaycees, American Legion and the Palatine Inverness Arts Council.  Over the 30 plus years I’ve lived in Palatine, I have been involved with projects for the Rotary, PHD, Little City, and the Chamber among other groups.

As a Trustee, my goal is to work with the rest of the Township team to improve the services that the Township provides without raising taxes.  In fact, in addition to improving services, our goal is to cut expenses by 5% over three years.  We’ll be cutting waste, not services.  I, like the rest of our team, am here to serve you.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you have for our Township.

Job Description:

The four Trustees have authority and responsibility when acting with the Supervisor as the five member Township Board.  The Board is the legislative arm of the Township setting policies, practices, and procedures for the Township Supervisor to administer.  Board responsibilities include auditing Township bills, attending to annual budgeting and levy responsibilities, spending Township funds, compensating Township officers, appointing the fire protection district trustees and many other functions.

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