Disabled Parking Placard


If you have a qualifying temporary or permanent disability you may be eligible for a disabled parking placard.

Disability parking placards are limited to one per person.  Placards are only valid until the expiration date indicated on the placard.

Temporary Placards are issued to persons with a temporary disability and are valid for the length of time indicated by the certifying physician.

Temporary placards not to exceed three months may be obtained at the Palatine Township Center.  To obtain a temporary parking placard bring a completed application signed by the certifying physician to the Township Center during normal business hours.  Application

Temporary placards not to exceed six months are issued by the Secretary of State.

Permanent placards and disability license plates are only issued through Illinois Secretary of State’s Springfield office.  For more information, please contact:

Illinois Secretary of State
Persons with Disabilities License Plates/Placard Unit
501 S. Second St
Room 541
Springfield, IL 62756

You may also call the Non-Standard Plates Section 1-217-782-2434 or the toll-free number 1-800-252-8980.


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