Property Tax Exemptions


Tax bills are being mailed on July 1, 2020. Please be sure to check that you are getting all your exemptions!

Exemptions are for tax year 2019 and will be applied by the Treasurer’s Office on the second installment property tax bill. Here are a few important reminders to get your savings this summer.

  • If you received the Homeowner or Senior Exemption last year, it will automatically renew.
  • Confirm last year’s status by looking up your property:
  • If you receive the Senior Freeze, Persons with Disabilities, Veterans with Disabilities, and/or Longtime Occupant Exemptions last year, a renewal application was sent to your home.
  • The notarization requirement has been waived for the Longtime Occupant Exemption.
  • If you did not receive an application in the mail and need to apply, you can apply online:
  • It can take 60-90 days for the Assessor’s Office to review and process applications.
  • If you submitted an exemption application online, you can follow this link to check status:
  • For a full list of 2020 FAQs click here:
  • Are you a renter who has a lease that makes you responsible for property taxes on the home you rent? You may be eligible for property tax savings. Read more:


Property Tax Exemptions Check to see if you qualify for the exemptions listed below.  You may contact the Palatine Township Assessor’s Office, 847-358-6164 if you need further information or assistance.  All forms are available online at . Click on “Forms”, then “Exemptions”.

Suburban Tax Officials Support Automatic Renewal of Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemptions.

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