Property Tax Appeal

The Cook County Board of Review is now accepting property tax appeals for

Palatine Township

Deadline: Tuesday, March 15


Our Township Assessor’s Office is here to assist you in our appeal.

Choose ONE  of the following:

1. Appeal Online

   Log on to the Cook County  Board of Review’s website  


2. Appeal in person

Download and fill out the form below

You must include your location address clearly printed

PIN# is not necessary

the following complaint form and drop it off at our LABELED appeal drop box located at our township’s main entrance (please see instructions located on our door).  We will file your appeal online and an email confirmation will be sent to your email. A PIN# is not necessary to complete the form, but your location address NEEDS TO BE CLEARLY PRINTED.

          2021 Board of Review Appeal Form Link

  For any other types of properties, please visit for more information.


3. We (the Township) appeal it for you

We file your appeal when you email us the information below:



            Phone Number


Send your email to and you will receive a confirmation email from the Cook County Board of Review.

Palatine Township Assessor’s Office deadlines:

Email: Tuesday, March 15 at noon

In-person: Tuesday, March 15 by 4 pm

Check the status of your appeal on the Cook County  Board of Review Office website under using your 14-digit PIN located on your tax bill.

 If you have any questions, please call us at:




Sharing information about your property tax bill:

Cook County property tax bills have been posted to where homeowners can see how much they owe more than  a week before the bills are to be mailed.

To see a tax bill for a particular home or other property, go to and select the purple box labeled “Your Property Tax Overview.” You can search by address.

Office of Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas


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