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  • Palatine Township Center 721 S. Quentin Road Palatine, IL 60067

    Township Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM

  • 847-358-6700


Township Directory

Abarca, Erica Office Assistant Administration
Chychula, Anna Administrator Administration
Crowder, Tikkri Transportation Assistant Transportation
Cruz, Claudia GA Office Assistant General Assistance
Gamboa, Dulce Chief Deputy Assessor Assessor’s Office
Kulinczenko, Olga General Assistance Caseworker General Assistance
Leal, Paula General Assistance Caseworker General Assistance
Lama, Betsy Outreach Director Outreach
Llanas, Ruby Office Assistant Administration
Neville, Joan Office Assistant Administration
Nordin, Karie Transportation Director Transportation
Rabinovitch, Irina Deputy Assessor Assessor’s Office
Shapiro, Samantha General Assistance Director General Assistance
Siegel, Pam Senior Deputy Assessor Assessor’s Office
Strassburger, Brad Office Assistant Administration
Westlund-Deenihan, Sandra Food Pantry Director Outreach

Veterans Offices

Debbie Hall-Cole The Vet Center
Shyane Murphy Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs  
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