Helpful Links

  •    This site provides information about the Cook County Assessor’s office, which is responsible for assessing all property in Cook County.  You can use this site to look up the assessment and characteristics of your property as well as the other 1.8 million parcels of property in the county.  That information can be used as evidence in your assessment appeal at the County Assessor’s Office, Board of Review and Property Tax Appeal Board.  The county Assessor’s site also contains information about property exemptions.
  •    This site will tell you how to file an assessment appeal at the Board of Review.
  •    The Treasurer’s web site allows you to check the status of your property tax bill payments as well as directing you where and how to pay your tax bill.  Information is also available on refunds, services for senior exemptions and tax dates.
  •    The Cook County Recorder of Deeds site can be used to look up information about property transactions, deeds and mortgages.
  •    The state of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board (PTAB) site will provide information on how to file an assessment appeal at PTAB. ***ALERT*** Be advised that you may only file an appeal at PTAB if you have previously filed an appeal at the Cook County Board of Review for the tax year in question.
  •    Find information on redemption of delinquent property taxes that have been sold.  Learn how to Clerk’s office calculates tax rates based on tax levies.  This site will also give you information on how to get legal descriptions of parcels and copies of tax maps.
  • Property Tax Portal:   This website consolidates all property tax information and delivers Cook County taxpayers a one-stop customer service website.
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