2017 Contracts

Filename / LinkSize
2016 Gilio Landscape Contract.pdf575.14 Kb
A Lamp Concrete Contractors Inc - Parking Lot Resurfacing - May 2015.pdf376.17 Kb
ATT Agreement - 2009.pdf1.55 Mb
Accurate Document - 2017.pdf2.88 Mb
Alexian Center for Mental Health Agreement.pdf2.31 Mb
Arts Refreshing the Soul Agreement.pdf2.35 Mb
BID NOTICE.pdf100.76 Kb
CEDA 2013.pdf3.1 Mb
CallOne Agreement for ISDN PRI - 2014.pdf917.69 Kb
CareerPlace Agreement.pdf2.37 Mb
Catholic Charities Agreement 2014.pdf2.28 Mb
Catholic Charities Agreement.pdf2.34 Mb
Children's Advocacy Center Agreement.pdf2.36 Mb
Childrens Home Aid Agreement.pdf2.02 Mb
Cintas - Facility Services Rental Service Agreement - August 2014.pdf290.41 Kb
Cintas 3 year Agreement for Backflow - 2013.pdf2.11 Mb
Clark Baird Smith - July 2014.pdf641.68 Kb
Coast2Coast Agreement 2011.pdf196.32 Kb
Comcast - 2013.pdf1.33 Mb
Connect to Community Agreement.pdf2.33 Mb
Countryside Association Agreement 2014.pdf2.26 Mb
Countryside Association Agreement.pdf2.33 Mb
Crime Stoppers Agreement.pdf2.34 Mb
Electric Aggregation Power Supply Agreement Palatine Township.5232017.pdf577.45 Kb
Escorted Transportation Agreement.pdf2.33 Mb
Faith Community Homes Agreement 2014.pdf2.28 Mb
Faith Community Homes Agreement.pdf2.37 Mb
Falcon Park - 2012.pdf3.25 Mb
Garaventa - January 2015 1.pdf665.61 Kb
Groot Waste Hauling - 2017-2020.pdf1.13 Mb
HandsOn Agreement.pdf2.34 Mb
Holiday Inn Assessor Seminar August 2012.pdf1.59 Mb
Hotel Indigo - 2011.pdf1.31 Mb
Imperial Lighting.pdf7.11 Mb
JourneyCare Agreement 2014.pdf2.25 Mb
Konica Minolta Agreement - 2010.pdf983.7 Kb
Konica Minolta Agreement - 2013.pdf360.48 Kb
Konica Minolta Agreement for Assessor Outreach - 2017.pdf3.48 Mb
Kopon Airdo Engagement Letter - 2015.pdf601.79 Kb
Little City Agreement.pdf2.32 Mb
Lutheran Social Services of IL - BHS Agreement 2014.pdf2.32 Mb
McClure Inserra FY 2016 Auditing - 2016.pdf2.4 Mb
Metal Master Service Agreement - Inspection 2016.pdf169.75 Kb
Metro Township Assoc - Signed Agreement - December 2013.pdf3.85 Mb
Midwest Best-2017.pdf2.06 Mb
Municipal Media Solutions - 2010.pdf5.42 Mb
NIMEC - 2013.pdf1.61 Mb
NJS Enterprises rev.pdf1.75 Mb
NW CASA 2013.pdf2.23 Mb
NW CASA Agreement 2014.pdf2.25 Mb
NW CASA Agreement.pdf2.35 Mb
Noland's Landscaping - 2017 (1).pdf397.51 Kb
Noland's Landscaping - 2017.pdf397.51 Kb
Northwest Community Hospital - Mobile Dental Van Agreement.pdf2.36 Mb
Northwest Compass Agreement.pdf2.41 Mb
PACE Agreement 2015.pdf3.33 Mb
PACE Agreement 2016 rev (1).pdf17.41 Mb
PACE Agreement 2016 rev (2).pdf17.41 Mb
PACE Agreement 2016 rev.pdf17.41 Mb
PACE Agreement TRIP - 2016 rev.pdf1.45 Mb
PHD Agreement.pdf2.33 Mb
Pads to Hope Agreement.pdf2.35 Mb
Partners for Our Communities Agreement.pdf2.34 Mb
Pitney Bowes Contract 2016.pdf1.24 Mb
RHMG Agreement for Engineering Services.pdf261.44 Kb
Resources for Community Living Agreement.pdf2.35 Mb
Rolling Meadows Golden Years Agreement.pdf2.36 Mb
Salvation Army Agreement.pdf2.41 Mb
Sears Anderson Agreement - 2009.pdf506.69 Kb
Senior Center Agreement.pdf2.36 Mb
Shelter Inc. Agreement.pdf2.32 Mb
St. Joseph's Home for the Elderly Agreement.pdf2.35 Mb
The Bridge Agreement.pdf2.37 Mb
Twins Construction - 2015.pdf5.74 Mb
Veterans Affairs Office IGA 6094 - 2016.pdf3.78 Mb
Veterans Affairs Office License Agreement Fed - 2016.pdf1.96 Mb
Village of Palatine - Bus Storage Agreement - 2014.pdf1018.93 Kb
Watch Fire Data Plan.pdf668.79 Kb
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